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French Revolution

Man who ran the draconian Committee of Public Safety, who executed hundreds before his own execution
Queen of France before the French revolution, famous for saying let them eat cake, which she is not proven to have said
A machine used to execute people by cutting off their heads, famously used on the queen and king of France, and Robespierre
Revolution helped by the french before their revolution, part of the cause of Frances financial difficulties leading up to the revolution
A musical based during the french revolution, the movie version staring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean
The estate that represented the lower class in the estates general, who also started the French Revolution
Replaced the monarchy to rule to country, also party the name of a branch of the United States government
A political group during the french revolution who were particularly violent, they were the cause of the reign of terror
King before the french revolution, tried to flee from France and failed, eventually followed by his beheading
Oath famously made in a sport court by the representatives of the third class, saying they would not leave until they got what they wanted in the estates general
A time period during the french revolution where hundreds were being killed by Guillotine
Forcible removal of the existing government led by Napoleon Bonaparte, who was previously a leader in the army
The place in Paris where they stored weapons, as well as prisoners, which was stormed by the people when they thought the king was sending his soldiers on him
Ruler of France at the end to the French Revolution, who went on to take over a large part of Europe before his death