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Business Law - Chapter 1.1-1.2

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Earth Science
Stage in which elders and priests are empowered to hear wrongs that have been inflicted.
Laws that deal with methods of enforcing legal righs and duties.
Regulates the establishment, operation and termination of commercial enterprises.
Usually made after a trial has ended and one of the parties appeals to a higher court.
Power to make the laws.
Considered to be what is right, fair or appropriate, based on one person's perspective, in response to an offending or damaging act by another.
Defines rights and duties
Document that sets forth the framework of a government and its relationship to the people it governs.
Stage in which Injuries inflicted on one human are assumed to be matters of personal revenge.
Based on fact and truth, not emotion.
Stage that creates an alternative to revenge.
When citizen's right to live in peace is violated by an activity that disrupts their stable environment.
First 10 amendments to the Constitution.
Power to investigate violations and prosecute alleged violators of these laws.
Power to conduct trials, or formal proceedings.
The same ethical standards are applied to everyone.
Laws enacted by legislatures.
Rules of conduct that a political authority will enforce.
Laws that deal with wrongs against individual persons.
This stage uses the laws to prevent the wrongs from arising in the first place.
This was brought over from England and is used in 49 states today.