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Luke's Puzz #1

Stephen King's alias, Richard _______
A furry alter ego
Distance learning tool
Year, Sp.
the Etruscan goddess of the earth
Of or relating to the main artery of the human body
Zoom in to get this shot
A dinner you don't cook
co-host of All Things Considered, ___ Shapiro
Call of Duty game mode
Ribonucleic acid
Unidentified user
Mounted Dota 2 hero
Westworld star, ____ Rachel Wood
ship prefix
United States Congresswoman
Precedes a singular noun
Lieutenant Samir _____, a character in the Starcraft universe
Sister-wife in Olympian pantheon
edible starch which is obtained from a palm and is a staple food in parts of the tropics
Greek mathematician who made the first measurement of the size of Earth
Ocean rig's extraction
Dude who used to be a lady
Oceania, _______and Eastasia
comes after Cancer and before Virgo
A pirate's favorite letter
Aaron Paul voices this character in Bojack Horseman
The most simple of regressions
a sucking noise made by suddenly releasing the tongue from the hard palate, used to express disappointment or sympathy
1972 single from the Allman Brothers Band album Eat a Peach
Without end or beginning
Founded 1894 in PA
Rays of light
Fruit of an oak tree
An apple, after you cut it
Primitive dwelling
Takes pictures with magnets
The journey to the top
Glowing gas
A steep slope on a mountain
A word I made up that means "fat"
Brie Larson starred in this 2015 movie
Cell with a myelin sheath
A type of mountaineering focusing on making it to the summit of tall mountains
Spanish toast
Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Palmeiras
Waterloo Regional Airport's IATA code
Jean-___ Picard
a measure of purity
Like Gal Gadot
Small boat pointed at both ends
MMORPG released 1999
Aloe ____
Pronoun for an robotic male
Stock symbol for Allergen
To remove from a position
Short mushroom boi
The good part of the fruit
Provoke playfully
Scary eel boi
This, Sp.
Fall chore
The ninth letter of the greek alphabet
Denethor's advice to Gondor's garrison before being knocked out by Gandalf
a heart recording device that is implanted in the body
Nickel sulfide
Master of Humanities