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Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law
______ makes it illegal to take part in harmful speech to minors on the web.
The ______ found that 95% of unwanted content was blocked by content filters.
There is a wide range of speech that is ______ for adults.
_____ is in relations to internet censorship.
_____ is a form of protected speech for adults.
_______ is a union that represents television and radio artists.
______ covers a broad range of laws that impact the entertainment industry.
Former Attorney General of the U.S.
Whether speech is harmful or not is decided by ______.
Artists need __________ whether that be agents, unions, managers or lawyers.
US District Court Judge that allowed Risto's claim that that AFTRA broke its fiduciary duty of breaches of loyalty to go through.
The control of what can or cannot be accessed, published, or viewed on the internet.
AFTRA stands for American Federation of __________ and Radio Artist.
What month did Kevin Risto file a class action lawsuit against this union?
The Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund was created to help AFTRA pay ____________ musicians.
The union tacked on a _____% fee on top of the royalties they collected.
After a _____ in trial, COPA was ruled unconstitutional.