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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Life Science 17

The ___ nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord
Strong, but more flexible than bone
Can have 2, 3, or 4 chambers
Amphibians with tails
Pits on a rattlesnake detect ____
Type of fish a tuna is
Fish use these to get oxygen
Scavengers in jawless fish group
Michaelangelo is one of the mutant ninja ____
Frogs and ___ are tailless amphibians
Animal with a backbone
Type of fish a shark is
Number of chambers in a bird's heart
Number of chambers in a reptile's heart
This group of reptiles only has one species
Type of nerve that attaches to the brain
These filter wastes from the blood
The esophagus empties into the ___
Type of nerve that attaches to the spinal cord
Reptiles with no legs
This carries oxygen, food, wastes, and other materials