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Napoleon Pt II & III

Spain and ________ gave Napoleon the most trouble out of the countries he conquered.
In 1814, Napoleon was banished to the island of _______.
In 1812, Napoleon embarked on an ill-advised military campaign against ________.
Many Frenchmen willingly served because they felt it was _________, and that it offered good social mobility.
The ________ System was created as an attempt to bankrupt England by preventing any trade with them.
Napoleon thought taking the city of ______ would bring him victory against his enemy; instead, he found it burnt to the ground.
Napoleon _______ resources and brought French reforms to all countries he conquered.
A giant _______ of countries formed against Napoleon.
Never wanting to see him again, the British exiled Napoleon to the island of Saint _______.
Napoleon attributed most of his success to good _______.
Napoleon wiped out the _______ at the Battle of Ulm.
______ XVIII proved to be a pretty unpopular ruler, giving Napoleon an edge in regaining the throne.
Unfortunately for Napoleon, his final major defeat took place at __________.
At the Battle of _________, Napoleon lured the HRE and Russia into a trap.
Napoleon was described as having a _________ effect on people.