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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 8 Review

The result of force moving an object a distance
A simple machine used to lift/move heavy objects
This is either a push or a pull on an object
Leafs' captain
A camera is an example of this type of system
The things/energy you put into a system is called the...?
A small part of a system that helps work toward the purpose
28th element on the periodic table
A group of parts that work together for a purpose
The unit to measure energy
The unit to measure force
A car engine is an example of what kind of system
A ______ machine is one composed of only 1 or 2 parts
A tilted, flat surface (2 words)
Most popular Canadian food
This simple machine is a modified incline plane that can move back and forth
This is consumed when work is done but some of it is wasted
The name of the tape ball I have stolen and adopted as my son
Most streamed artist of 2019 (2 words)
Mayor of the township of Southgate
This calculates how much energy was used and how much was wasted
Often used with an axle as a simple machine
A ________ system is one that relies on physical parts ( ie bolts and levers)
What is obtained from the system?
Our school mascot
This system helps animals extract nutrients from food
What a system is trying to accomplish is called its ...
A ______ system is one that works with groups of people
Prime Minister of Canada
A simple machine that is a bar that pivots on a fulcrum
This simple machine helps hold things together
A toothed wheel, can be found in cars and probably your bike (maybe multiple)
The name for one thousand joules
To calculate work you multiple force and _____?