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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 7 Review

An internal force when an object is twisted (like turning a doorknob)
This forces pulls us all towards the Earth
Applying too much tension can create a ________ point
An external force like a tornado is a _______ disaster
A solid structure that can stand by itself and support other structures
What is the worst way to remove a dead whale?
A push or a pull on an object
Most popular Canadian food
Most streamed artist of 2019 (2 words)
Prime Minister of Canada
A structure is _____ if it is not likely to change or fail
When forces push or pull in opposite directions (think of scissors)
A force from outside a structure
Type of structure made of solid materials, like a concrete dam
This tower in Paris is a famous example of a frame structure
A structure that uses multiple structure forms (like a combo of shell and solid)
A force from inside a structure
Name for a building or other object constructed with several parts
An internal force that pulls an object apart
A common shape found in bridges that can support a lot of weight
A structure is more stable if its base is ____ and not narrow
Leaf's captain
28th element on the periodic table
Structure that uses a network or skeleton of materials
Mayor of Southgate township
We fed him to the zombies to escape
A structure is more stable if its ______ of gravity is lower
An internal force that pushes an object together
A framework of beams joined together, usually as interlocking triangles
The name for a structure not made by humans, like a bird's nest
Our school mascot
A structure with a hollow, curved shape, like a pop can
A flat structure supported on both ends
Beavers build them (natural) but so do humans (human made)