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September Saints & Holy Days

Apostle and Gospel writer
Translator of the King James Bible
Cheyenne name for Oakerhater; 2 words
Memphis nun during Yellow Fever epidemic
Bishop of New York; last name
Feast day for a church building; 3 words
Theodore was the Archbishop of ____
Hildegard was Abbess of ____
Roman Emperor who ordered Cyprian's death
Used his own money to found churches and schools; last name
Name for Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible
Crummell was a missionary to this African country
Killed when mistaken for a slave trader; last name
Jones was the Bishop of this state
Angelic defender of God's people; 2 words
Monastery where Sergius lived; 2 words
Martyrs from this island in World War II; 2 words
Converted the Scottish Picts