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Renaissance and Reformation

Crossword: Keara Molta
English nobility now controlled the (blank) and its wealth.
People wanted (blank) (acceptance into heaven).
Any member of the community was eligible to be a (blank).
Desiderius Erasmus believed (blank) should show people how to live good lives on a daily basis, not just beliefs on how to be saved.
First full size book printed with the movable type.
The church began to sell(blank) for salvation.
Italy did not have a centralized (blank) government during the Middle Ages.
1529 changes England's (blank) to protestant.
Burns 300+ protestant "heretics", nicknamed (blank).
Example:Black Death.
Church not meeting (blank) needs, priests spend lots on money, personal pleasures, politics, and wars
The focus on human potential and achievements.
Painter,sculpture, architect; painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.