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Communication, Culture, and Work

A cultural orientation that values time, efficiency, promptness, and chronological order over personal relationships
Named for the time period for people born 1965-1980)
A culture whose members tend to put their own interests and personal
People born between 1945-1964
A relatively constant and collective system of behaviors and values within an organization
The tendency to view life from the perspective of one's own culture and to judge one's own culture as superior to other cultures
A group that has a clear identity within the encompassing culture
A culture that employs language to express ideas and directions clearly and logically; members pay less attention to contextual clues for meaning
A cultural orientation that emphasizes long-lasting goals
A measure of culture's tolerance for ambiguity, lack of structure, and novelty
Name of people born between 1980-2000
A measure of how comfortable a culture is with differences in distribution of authority
A cultural orientation that values quick payoffs
A culture with a strong social framework in which members of a group are socialized to care for one another and for the group as a whole
A culture that relies heavily on the social and physical context and nonverbal cues to convey meaning and maintain social harmony
A cultural orientation in which people and personal relationships are most important than appointments and efficiency of time
A culture with highly differentiated gender roles in which members value performance, individual success, and advancement
Set of values, beliefs, norms, customs, rules and codes that lead people to define themselves as a distinct group, giving them a sense of commonality
A culture in which gender roles are not highly differentiated and members value feelings, cooperation, and harmonic relationships