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Tried to limit US involvement in future wars
Involving or engaging in the deliberate crashing of a bomb-filled airplane into a military target
FDR policy of allowing the US to lend or lease arms to any country considered vital to the defense of the US
Trials of leaders of Nazi Germany, people deemed responsible for WWII and the Holocaust
A system of government that requires complete obedience to the country and is headed by a dictatir
FDR and Churchill agree to increase bombing of Germany, agreed to require unconditional surrender
General Eisenhower accepts the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany
Code name for the invasion of France by Great Britain and the US
Concessions in exchange for peace
Non-involvement in the affairs of other countries
FDR policy of letting warring nations buy non-war goods if they paid immediately and transported it themselves
1941 declaration of principles in which the US and Great Britain set forth their goals in opposing the Axis powers
78,000 prisoners of war forced to march 65 miles to a Japanese prison camp
A sudden and overwhelming attack
Allies launch an amphibious invasion of the beaches of Normandy, France
An aggressive, nationalistic movement that considers the nation more important than individuals
Cargo ships traveled in groups escorted by navy warships
Surprise attack by the Japanese on a US naval base in Hawaii
The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime
Island held by Japan where a five week battle between US Marine Corps and the Japanese took place