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11th Hist.: Life After Napoleon + Industrial Revolution

One of the reasons why England was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution was its access to natural _________.
_________ Europe was the slowest to industrialize.
The Industrial Revolution has its roots tied to the country of _________.
One of the most famous Romanticist composers was __________.
A new political movement called __________ emerged as a response to the radical upheaval of the Revolution/Napoleon.
Romanticism was heavily linked with the ideology of __________ in the post-Napoleon nation states.
The Congress of ________ helped the European rulers determine who owned what after Napoleon was gone.
What especially grew industrialization was the birth of the _________, starting with George Stephenson in the 1820s.
Revolution/Napoleon also caused people to turn back to ________ in a very devout way.
A new socioeconomic class was created during the Industrial Revolution, called the ________ class.
The ___________-out system was a precursor to industrialization.
Several political revolts took place throughout Europe following Napoleon's demise, including the nation of _________, which secured its independence from The Netherlands.
Romantic poetry elevated nature to almost "___________ levels."
One of the key inventions to kickstarting the Industrial Revolution was James Watt's ________ engine.
Romanticism was an art movement that glorified strong emotions, individual genius, and, in particular, _________.