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12th Hist.: The Holocaust

__________kommando were Jews forced to work for the Nazis inside the death camps.
___________ and other nations did want to take in Jewish refugees.
Nazis experimented heavily on sets of _______.
Many perpetrators of the Holocaust were tried and executed at the ___________ Trials.
The Night of the Broken ______ saw numerous Jewish shops and synagogues attacked in Germany.
Most Holocaust survivors moved to ________ or America.
The Einsatzgruppen were the Nazi Regime's _______ squads.
_______ T4 was the Euthanasia law passed by the Nazis in 1939.
______ million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, along with eleven million non-Jews.
Heinrich ______ deemed the initial methods of execution to be ineffective.
Initially, the Nazis did much of their executions in nearby ________, where they forced Jews to dig pits and then shot them.
When fleeing the Allies, the Nazis forced many Jews on death ________.
Hitler and the Nazis in 1942 set out to find their "__________ Solution to the Jewish Question."
Upon entering the gas chambers, which were disguised as showers, the Nazis would dump _______ B through the showerheads.
Upon arrival at a Nazi death camp, Jews were put into two groups: those fit for ______, and those selected for execution.