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Chapter 1 - Geography of Texas

Teacher: Orth
Cardinal direction to Padre Island from here.
Ocean that boarders North America to the north.
Long steep slope or cliff.
Ocean the boarders North America to the west.
North America is the __ largest continent.
Water located on the surface. (2 words)
Area with common features.
Part of boarder with Louisiana. (2 words)
Most Texas rivers eventually empty into this body of water. (3 words)
Texas boarder state to the north.
Water located below the surface. (2 words)
Country that borders the United States to the north.
The boarder with Mexico. (2 words)
Half of the Earth.
Place where underground water comes to the surface.
Provide home for many coastal plants and animals.
Highest peak in Texas. (2 words)
Cardinal direction to Big Bend National Park from here.
Part of boarder with Oklahoma. (2 words)
Ocean that borders North America to the east. 38
Number of regions in the United States.
Large bowl-shaped depression.
Country to the south of the United States.
Long, narrow land just off the coast. (2 words)
Texas boarder state to the west. (2 words)
Texas boarder state to the northeast.
Level area higher than surrounding area.
Study of Earth.
Texas has __ neighboring states.
Cardinal direction to Lake Texoma.
Name of springs in Landa Park.
Texas boarder state to the east.