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SOC614 Discussion of 9/14 Reading

Class Discussion Faciliator: Team: MD (Mary and Dalton) for Week One
In a strange place? Feeling emotionally overwhelmed. You may experiencing this type of shock. Bonus: Name 3 strategies for dealing with this in the field.
In gaining access to information; a researcher needs to build this.
This researcher was credited with refocusing ethnographic research toward "living intimately". BONUS: Did he or didn't? Why is there debate?
Represents an important TURN in the commitment to active research participation involving immersion, empathy and shared experience.
Always produce these type of notes. They will be the guide for your analysis and research. Bonus: What are 3 major things that should be observed during ethnographic resarch?
A bit of quantitative research sneaks its way into enthographic research. HOW?
"I reject much of Positivism".
This first word in type of fieldwork. BONUS: What is the second and NAME three benefits of this research approach.
The first word in a publication which represents a key moment in fieldwork. BONUS: What is the publication and why is it important to this day.
In the beginning; many scholars were this type of theorist (McLennan, Tylor, Frazer)
He might be credited with setting a standard for rigor in social survey movement. BONUS: How and Why did he do this?
There is a single, objective reality and it can be observed and measured without bias using standardized instruments
These type of pictures are crucial in ethnographic research as they can provide details that be lost during observation. Bonus: What are two things to map while we are in the field?
This is one of the guiding features of what you will observe and record in the field.
These two researchers disrespected their host by not eating a taco. Don't make this same mistake!
_____ does not make perfect for ethnographic work, but it certainly helps!
Add this to observation for further qualitative data gathering.
Disproportional reporting of belief in witchcraft is one example of Ethnographer ___? Bonus: What was this correlated to?
Be cautious when bringing ___ to the field. Bonus: List 2 bonuses and 2 detriments for having the answer in the field!
The practice and theory of field work vary along this many dimensions. BONUS: Explain them
The tradition of fieldwork surveys of Native Americans was transformed in the first decades of the twentieth century largely through this pioneers efforts. BONUS: Write a 4 bullet 'Wikipedia' like entry concerning his contributions.
May believe meanings and understanding are plural. Understanding is subjective.
Was an example of an 'insider' joining the sociology discipline. BONUS: What group did he belong to and why did this add to contribution.
His hashtag today might include notdogooding. BONUS: Relate to chapter 2 reading in Qualitative Text and the 3 perspectives