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Communications Chapter 2

Student: Hannah Aley
The process by which you learn the culture into which you're born
The biological and physiological qualities that characterize men and women
Emphasis on the gratification of desires
A strong in-group affiliation with much less respect for out-group members
An attitude and way of behaving in which you're aware of and acknowledge cultural differences
The culture that values modesty, concern for relationships, and tenderness
Communication between persons who have different cultural beliefs, values, or ways of behaving
Relatively specialized elements of the lifestyle of a group of people that are passed on from one generation to the next through communication
Curbing gratification
The culture that values aggressiveness, material success, and strength
The emphasis or stress you place on various syllables
The tendency to see others and their behaviors through your own cultural filters
People are treated as individuals, rather than groups
A host culture becoming a large part of an immigrant's culture
A commitment to the beliefs and philosophy of your culture
The process by which you learn the rules and norms of a culture different from your native culture
An orientation that focuses on the present and past
A orientation that promotes the importance of future rewards
A fixed impression of a group of people
The socially constructed roles and behaviors that society deems appropriate for males and females