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Southeast Asia: Culture

For centuries, Europeans had been trying to gain control of the trade in ___ many of which grew on the Maluku Islands (pg. 506)
The majority of the migrants who come to Southeast Asia come from this Asian country (pg. 512)
Christianity really took off in Vietnam and ____ (pg. 510)
Myanmar is ruled by a brutal ____ or a committee of military leaders (pg. 513)
This was the only Southeast Asian country that was able to resist colonization from the Europeans (pg. 506)
Southeast Asia has a history of _____ and religious diversity (pg. 502)
____ and Vietnam are Communist countries to this day (pg. 512)
This ancient civilization thrived in present day Cambodia (pg. 505)
This Indonesian island's people mainly practice Hinduism (pg. 503)
Finally by 1957, the countries of Southeast Asia had won ___ (pg. 506)
This religion is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia (pg. 503)
More than half of Brunei's income comes from oil and ____ production (pg. 514)
This Southeast Asian country is hardly growing at all (pg. 513)
One of the busiest trade routes went through the Strait of ___ (pg. 505)
This Indonesian island has over 60% of Indonesia's overall population (pg. 513)