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Children of the Bible

Author: Peg Gifford
River banks upon which Moses was hidden
Youngest of 8 sons yet he became king
Foretold that Bethlehem children up to 2 years old would be killed
He deceived his aging father into giving him the blessing
He was sold into slavery by his brothers
King who began his reign at age 7
A twin and Abraham's grandson
Japheth was his younger brother
First baby to be born
Naomi became nurse to this child
Widow who met baby Jesus at the temple
Left to die under a shrub in Beersheba
Born into the house of Levi and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter
This child was hidden from his murderous grandmother
His daughter died while Jesus was on the way to heal her
He was brought to Eli as soon as he was weaned
Boy prepared as burnt offering but spared
Younger brother of Cain who inherited in his stead