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Plant Systems & Homeostasis

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Xylem and Phloem are this level of organization in plants
Solution with higher osmotic pressure than another solution
Term used to describe turgor pressure
Type of root that grows in a horizontal direction
Type of root that grow out from other organs of the plant
Tissue in plants that transports sugars and other molecules created by the plant
When a plant doesn't get enough water in its body
Type of plants where Fibrous roots are the main root system
Process of water moving through plants and evaporating from the leaves and stems into the atmosphere
A thing or event that causes a response or reaction to an organism
Type of plants where the Tap root is the primary root
Vascular tissue in plants that transports fluid through the plant
Type of root with no single dominant root and grow every direction
Above-ground part of a plant that includes the organs such as leaves, buds, stems, flowers
Solutes move into the cell because they are greater outside of the cell
Large root which grows downward, usually the length of the tree height
Below-ground part of the plant that includes organs such as tubers and rhizomes
Pressure in plant cells due to the force of the water inside the cell pushing against the membrane
Small openings found in the plant leaves that respond to the movement of water
Body's ability to keep the internal balance stable
Plants response to gravity
Growth that happens to organisms in response to light
Turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus