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Meiosis Cell Division

Mom and dad chromosomes joined together by a centromere resulting in four sister chromatids
Like telophase 1, but chromosome shuffled cell split apart into two new different haploid cells.
Each sex cell contains both male and female chromosomes. They find each other, crossover, and get mixed up or shuffled.
Center of chromosome where chromatids are joined together
Dad and mom mixed up chromosomes line up in the middle
Two chromatids that are copied and are exactly alike joined together by centromere
Name given to both sperm and egg that have only half of the genet information to make new life
Male and female cells that can produce haploid sperm and eggs
Mixed up chromosomes are pulled to opposite sides of the cell
Like prophase 1, but, chromosomes have been shuffled and the end result will be two different haploid cells
One sister chromatid picks up DNA from another chromatid
Two new diploid daughter cells are formed, but chromosomes have all been shuffled
Organized chromatin into condensed, densely packaged DNA arranged into chromatids that form an x
Contains all the information in the cell to make new life
Like anaphase 1, but shuffled chromosomes are split apart with the end result being two haploid cells
Term describing the stages sex cells go through when dividing
In a sex cell dad and mom chromosomes that code for the same information
Two genes that are needed to code for a trait
Formation of a new diploid cell through the process of fertilization
Like metaphase 1, but shuffled chromosomes line up in the middle With the end result being two haploid cells