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Plant Review

Name: ___________________________
Tiny new plant in a seed
A flowering plants unit of reproduction
When embryo begins to grow
Part of plant that absorbs water & minerals
Part that connects a leaf to the stem
Food making part of a plant
Seeds we eat that are yellow
Scientific word for "food making"
Inner layer of a seed that stores food
Leaf-like part of a flower that that protects the bud and ovule
Part that anther is on
The flat part of a leaf
Part of a flower the pollen forms on
Connects roots to leaves
Type of roots grass has
The flower part that attracts insects & birds
The reproductive part of a plant
The transport system in a plant
Direction "food" travels in a plant's veins
Moving pollen from one part of a flower to another part
Direction water travels in plant veins
A flower we eat that is green
A type of root that is one large piece (like a carrot)
What makes a plant green
The sticky part of a flower
When seed pops open
Stem we eat (often with peanut butter)
The flower part that stigma is on
Part of flower where eggs/seeds are
Protective outer layer of a seed