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Hailee McDaniel ~ Climate Regions

Tundra and _________ climates are found in the northern parts of Alaska and Canada
Most volcanoes are _________, or not going to erupt soon
A windstorm in a shape of a funnel
Mostly take place along the pacific coast
What does degree refer to
Rain, snow, and sleet fall to the ground
Where tectonic plates meet
Wind systems that form over the ocean in tropical areas
The eastern United Sates and ________have humid climate regions that regions that receive plenty of precipitation
Long periods without rainfall
Hurricane ________ struck the Golf of Mexico in 2005
The animals ________ to the environment
Severe winter storms that last several hours
Very Different
The area from southern Alaska to northern California has a ________ west coast climate of year round mild temperatures
Areas on the eastern side of the _________ have a partly dry steppe climate
Sea of cranberries
The ________ coating of evergreen needles keeps in moisture during the bitterly cold winters
Several of _________ volcanoes are still active