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Prominent Figures in the Psychology of Religion

Founder of the school of individual psychology who believed that religion was beneficial only when applied to individual psychology.
Swiss founder of analytical psychology who considered individuation to be the main task of human development.
Developed the “Step Theory” of conversion to “cults.” (2 words, no spaces).
An American graduate of Clark University who first coined the term “Psychology of Religion.”
Swiss psychologist known for his work on child development who saw religious concepts as being limited by conceptualization limits within young children.
American psychologist with interests in evolutionary theory and childhood development who was the first president of both the APA and Clark University.
German American psychologist and psychoanalyst who emphasized the role of religion within his stages of development.
American philosopher and psychologist who is considered to be the “Father of American Psychology.”
Professor of psychology at Westmont College in California who for years edited the International Journal for the Psychology of Religion and whose main areas of interests are social psychology and the psychology of religion.
Austrian neurologist and developer of psychoanalysis who believed that humans use religion and God for their own individual needs.