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John Chapter 3

Then there arose a _____ between
As Moses lifted up the ____ in the wilderness
He that doeth ____ cometh to the light
But the ____ of God abideth on him.
There he ____ with them, and baptized.
Into his mother's _____
And ____ that we have seen
That which is born of the flesh is _____
Because their deeds were _____
Should not _____
No man hath ____ up to heaven
For God so loved the ______
But have ____ life
He cannot see the _____ of God
Except a man be _____, (2 words)
Can he enter a ____ time
For God giveth not the Spirit by ____ unto him.
A ______ of the Jews:
_____ saith unto him
A man can receive ____ , except it be given him from heaven
He that cometh from ____ is above all
He that was with thee beyond ____
How can ____ things be?
He that believeth not is condemned _____
And John also was baptizing... because there was ____ water there
Every one that doeth evil hateth the ______
Except a man be born of water and of the _____ he cannot enter the kingdom of God
For John was not yet cast into _____
If I have told you _____ things
He gave his only _____ Son
There was a man of the _______
That whosoever ____ in him should not perish
No man receiveth his ______
Thou art a ____ come from God
If I tell you of ____ things?
Lest his deeds should be _____
For God sent not his Son into the world to _____
He that hath the bride is the _____
Men loved ____ rather than light
Ye yourselves bear me _____
The wind _____ where it listeth
He that believeth not the Son shall not see ____
Art thou a ____ of Israel
Hath set to his seal that God is _____
He that believeth on the ___ hath everlasting life
The Father ____ the Son
______ not that I said unto thee
The same came to Jesus by _____
That the world through him might be ______