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The fish that Jews are permitted to eat according to the website!
The giant killed by David
A Jewish religious teacher
The language used in Jewish worship.
Place for Jewish worship.
Raised platform from which the Torah is read in public worship.
The name of the Jewish holy book.
The prophet whose vision of God was the beginning of Judaism
Country with the Star of David on its flag.
What mammals Jews are allowed to eat chew.
Word for things Jews are allowed to do and food they are allowed to eat.
Name for the special agreement between God and the Jewish people
How many times a day are Jews supposed to pray?
The cupboard where the Torah scrolls are kept.
The small cap Jewish men wear, particularly when they enter a religious building.
A Jewish prayerbook
The person who leads the singing in religious services.
The Jewish weekly holy day.
Book in which the Oral law was written down.
The shawl Jewish men wear when they pray.