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Internal Organs of Fish

I allow fish to breathe when it takes water into its mouth and out through the gills. Blood vessels carry dissolved oxygen to the vital organs.
I act as a filter for blood and I recycle old red blood cells as well as store white blood cells.
I am an inner organ that has receptors for balance and hearing in water.
I Break down food (digestion) and absorbs nutrients.
I pick out debris from the gills and keep the gills clean.
I pump blood throughout the body. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered through blood to the various organs.
I assist in digestion by breaking down and storing fats. I also destroy old blood cells and maintain healthy blood cells.
I connect the brain to the rest of the body and send sensory information such as hearing and feeling from the body to the brain, as well as from the brain to the rest of the body.
I filter liquid waste material from the blood; this waste is then passed out of the body.
I am a hollow gas filled balancing organ that allows fish to conserve energy by maintaining neutral buoyancy (suspension) in the water.
I am the control center of the fish where both automatic functions like breathing and higher behaviors such as sight, taste & smell is processed.