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Feeding the Planet Vocabulary: Extra Credit Puzzle

a process by which glucose, a sugar, is broken down into smaller molecules.
at plants, meat, mushrooms--just about anything
another name for the corn plant
an organism that consumes the bodies of dead organisms and wastes produced by living organisms.
is the variable that is changed or controlled by the scientist.
a series of chemical reactions that convert light energy, water, and carbon dioxide into the food-energy molecule glucose and give off oxygen.
An important natural nutrient for plants that is often applied as fertilizer to depleted soils
is the setup in an experiment that shows what normally happens when the independent variable is not controlled by the experimenter.
government checks given to farmers to make up for low corn prices or other low prices
an organism that cannot make its own food and gets energy by eating other organisms.
to change for the better; improve
any organism that makes it's own food
genetic modified organism; usually in a laboratory
a series of chemical reactions that convert the energy in food molecules into a usable form of energy called ATP.
an organism that uses an outside energy source, such as the Sun, and produces its own food, also called autotroph
a sweetener made from corn
small openings in leaves that allow gases to enter and leave a plant
a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made
all the living things and nonliving things in a given area.
refers to any substance that is or once was alive, or came from a living thing.
mammals that have a second stomach called a rumen which breaks down plant cellulose; cows, sheep, bison
an organelle in cells where most of the ATP is formed during cellular respiration
An energy storage molecule
the chlorophyll rich organelle in plant cells where photosynthesis occurs
wild grass from Central America that became the "mother of corn"