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weather by jaxon

Something that measure the altitude
Has a rooster on top-2 words
It's like the anemometer-but it has a propeller
Looks like an Elf's hat on a pole
The amount of pressure or force that is found in the air-2 words
Looks like a big balloon-that gathers information of weather
The gases on earth or planets are surrounded by
To measure temperature
The term for how fast the wind is blowing
This device measures the wind speed
The term for warm air that goes over cold air-2 words
This devise measures the pressure of air
Clouds the eat up and destroy everything in their path-and are very scary
This measures the humidity in the air
How much moisture is presented in the air
Big masses of snow and ice that falls from the clouds
When you heat up water it changes into a gas-this process is called
This happens when a gas cools and turns into a liquid form
This is a very strong wind over water-or another word for Cyclone
Huge mass of air with equal amount to temperature humidity and pressure-2 words