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Earth Science, Geology

A huge wave that gets made in the ocean when an earthquake happened underwater
The name of the Ocean next to Japan and China, and west of California; it's the ocean where Hawaii is!
The word for the science of plates moving on the earth's surface
The science of the study of the earth
The name of the big circle of volcanoes and earthquakes around the Pacific
Another word for "moving"
The name of the crack in the earth in California
Melted (molten) rock leaking out of the earth
When a volcano blows up and sprays lava out!
Land that forms in the ocean when lava leaks out; it's surrounded by water on all sides (like Hawaii)
A large land mass on the earth (such as Asia or Africa)
The continent where Tanzania and Egypt are located.
The line of islands in the Pacific Ocean that is also an American state.
A mountain that can explode with lava
The name of the original huge continent of the earth when it was all connected
When the plates of the earth move and shake the ground
A tall pile of land that is pushed up high when the plates of the earth crash into each other. An example is "Kilimanjaro," "Fuji," and "Everest."
An American state that has a lot of earthquakes. It's the state where Los Angeles and Hollywood are located.
A crack in the earth between two tectonic plates.
A puzzle piece of the earth's surface