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State Law Cross Word

Using cosmetic preparations, make-up, antiseptics, lotions, creams, chemical preparations on, or otherwise, or waxing, tweezing, cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, beautifying, or similar work on the scalp, feet, face, neck, and hands
If you practiced or attempted to practice cosmetology in any place other than a licensed salon, your license could be what?
The code of laws is found in what title and chapter?
How many members are on the Board of Cosmetology?
AKA SC State Board of Cosmetology
A licensed practitioner who rents or leases a place in which cosmetology or any of its practices are taught
Deals with licensing and maintaining your license.
The application of various treatments to the skin, cosmetic application, facial and body waxing.
AKA Professional Credential Services
A person including, but not limited to an independent contractor, not a student, who is licensed to practice cosmetology
Licenses are issued how often?
Arranging, styling, thermal curling, chemical waving, pressing, shampooing, cutting, shaping, chemical bleaching, chemical coloring, chemical relaxing, or similar work, upon the hair, wig, hairpiece of any person, by any means, with hands, or mechanical, or electrical apparatus or appliances.
LLR does not make what?
The Board of Cosmetology members serve how long in a term?
In order to get a license one must have completed 1500 hours of classes in Cosmetology in a reliable school approved by the board, have passed the examination prescribed by the board, and what?
Who appoints the members of the Board of Cosmetology?
Manicuring or pedicuring the nails of a person or similar work
A person including, but not limited to, an independent contractor, who is licensed to practice skin care, make-up, or similar work. Skin care is for the sole purpose of beautifying the skin.
A building or any place, or part of a place or building including, but not limited to, a booth rental, in which cosmetology is performed on the general public for compensation.
LLR Stands for SC Department of Labor Licensing and what?