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Collection of R packages designed for data science
Brain area responsible for emotion and memory
Discredited ex-physician infamous for the fradulent study claiming a link between vaccines and autism
Researcher from 'On Being Sane in Insane Places' study
Type of memory that processes concepts drawn from general world knowledge rather than personal experiences
Reasoning that draws conclusions from general to specific statements
Sensory memory which processes auditory information
Perception of the body in space
Functional neuroimaging technique using electrodes placed on the scalp
The capacity for a theory or hypothesis to be proven wrong
Linguistic ___ hypothesis: language may influence the way we think and perceive
Type of validity that refers to how well a study's findings can be generalised to the real world
R function used to create a continuous chain of code
A learning disability involving difficulty reading and processing language
Smallest unit of language
Type of amnesia which results in the inability to create new memories
One of the primary researchers in the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment
Berko: This is a ___
___ pruning is the process of eliminating extra connections in the brain that are no longer needed
Assigning a memory recollection to the wrong source
Defines the extent to which a piece of research can be replicated to produce the same results
Famous for founding psychoanalysis
Type of neurotransmitter known as the main chemical of pleasure
Type of bias involving editing data to produce desired results
___ does not equal causation
The practice of publicly specifying your research plan before undertaking the research
Type of study which collects data over a long period of time in order to study how behaviour changes over time
A cell in the nervous system that transmits information to other cells
Brain area that is often severed in epilespy patients to prevent seizures
Type of intelligence, the ability to use knowledge gained through experience
Section of a paper presented at the beginning, which summarises the research
State in which a patient is detached from the outside world, but still animate