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Pop culture pirates?

Blue + yellow
Eat fresh
Do you smell what he is cooking?
Killed Jack Donald Lewis
Calf tattoo of Jesus
McKinney street
Brad's middle name
King of pop
Dr. McDreamy
Quin's baby daddy
Joe ____ Tessmer
Joe exotics legal name
Big mac, mc blt, quarter pounder with some ___
All electric car
Dax' wife stars in this show
Elvis' middle name
Chip and Joanna's brand
Jodie's favorite drink
Archie and veronica
TVD - Elena's brother
Tiffany's houseplant
Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald
America runs on
Hands out DiNozzo's head slaps
Season 6, episode 8 of the office
Rachel Green's middle name
Popular tiktoker
Everybody loves
The best things in life are __
Bieber's wife's best friend is one
Boom Baby!!!
If your morning is hell, head here
Longest song to reach top 10 on billboards hot 100
Face bandaid?
Kissed by Britney in 2003
Don't be in a corner - do carry a ________
Hands out high quality H2O
Heads up creator
Love that chicken
Billie Baker's wife's occupation