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Movement of air generated by the difference in temperature or pressure
The amount of water vapor in air
Wind that blows over a short distance
When two different fronts meet but neither front overtakes the other
Large mass made up of tiny amounts of water vapor and dust particles
Extremely fast high speed wind in the upper troposphere
Radiation or heat from the sun that is trapped by a layer of gas
The effects of earth's rotation on air and water resulting in air and water currents
Front where warm air pushes out or overtakes cooler air
Very defined boundary where two different types of air mass meet
A cloud that is near to the ground
Large amount of air at the same temperature and moisture content at a given altitude
The maximum amount of water vapor held in the air at a given temperature
The temperature of air when it is completely saturated or filled with water vapor
Warm air mass is trapped between two layers of cold air
Wind blowing from one direction over a long distance
Front where cold air pushes out or overtakes warm air
Cold air over the land is pulled out by the warm air over the water
Cool air from the water that is pulled in by the warm air over the land
The movement of air caused by changes in pressure