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Busy Life disABILITY Crossword

Championing inclusion for the good of us all!
A disABILITY you can't see.
Who inclusion is good for.
The name of any impairment given to someone with a disABILITY.
A way of viewing impairment as difference.
What Busy Life champions inclusion in.
The disABILITY Rights Movement mantra.
The name given to an impairment.
What needs to be overcome so that everyone is included.
What needs to be changed so that everyone is included.
What we all should be.
Stairs to a wheelchair user is an example of these.
The name for something in a body that doesn't work as it is designed to.
What Busy Life is all about.
A disABILITY you can see.
The name given to someone that is regarded as having a perfect brain.
The Busy LIfe inclusive clothing and merchandise range
The name of the Twitter Hour run by Busy Life.
The concept that acknowledges all brain types are valid.
What Busy Life sees in everyone.
The social model way of viewing impairment.