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Spring is Here-Let's Talk Flowers!

Commonly purple in color, which hints at it's name
Plant this flower around your veggies to keep the bugs away
Found in many variation of colors and lives through the early spring cold temperatures well
A shrub with fragrant violet, pink, or white blossoms
Has deeply divided leaves and tall spikes of flowers
Goes by "mum" for short
A bulb, having solitary yellow flowers blooming in the spring
A very tall member of the daisy family with large, golden rayed flowers
Solitary three-petaled flower above three leaves
Traditionally known as a romantic flower
A bulb, trumpet shaped flower, tall and fragrant
Traditionally has a yellow disk and white rays
A common weed of the daisy family
A bulb-spring flower shaped like a cup
Flower with sword shaped leaves, commonly purple, yellow, or white