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Africa Unit Crossword

Important river for Zimbabwe Empire
A hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin
Wealthiest and most powerful kingdom in SE Africa, along Zambezi river
early African Empire - extensive coverage of the Red Sea and East coast, Horn of Africa, near Middle East - near Kush, Christian Kingdom
route across the Sahara desert. Major trade route that traded for gold and salt, created caravan routes, economic benefit for controlling dessert, camels played a huge role in the trading
the Islamic kingdom of Mali was one of the great kingdoms of Africa, it had total control over the gold trade in Africa and its city of Timbuktu contained a group of scholars who North Africans and South Europeans came to study.
Belt south of the Sahara where it transitions into savanna across central Africa. It means literally 'coastland' in Arabic. (associated with the Western Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, Songhai)
The belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and other non-human objects have spirits
played an important role in the growth and development of the communities in Africa, Asia, and Europe.
along with the Limpopo River, important river for Zimbabwe Empire
Zimbabwe's gold reached as far as
west Africa, replaced Mali (more inward and larger), extends further east into Sahara
King Ezana marked many important buildings in Axum with decorated stone towers called
The major river of west africa
controlled all the western trade routes across the Sahel
Ruler of Mali (r. 1312-1337). His extravagant pilgrimage through Egypt to Mecca in 1324-1325 established the empire's reputation for wealth in the Mediterranean world.
the world's largest desert (3,500,000 square miles) in northern Africa
The trade between northern and western Africa that ultimately benefited the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai empires
Mali trading city that became a center of wealth and learning
River associated with Axum Empire