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It's grizzly!
Most things in this puzzle
A large flightless bird
I can relax on these sandy areas
A place where nature is tamed
I need this to hold up my tent when I camp
You are, I ____
Short name for mother
Letter after M, spelled out
My trap is sprung. I need to do this.
It gurgles and has ripples
A snake word
Don't get too close to that cliff. You might get _____
They become moths
One who takes again
A river mammal that loves to swim.
Having to do with the earth
This bird loves to eat worms
It might be poisonous
A very hard rock that can be valuable
She loves Pa
This spider did this again to its web
A lizard-like amphibian
Not the beginning, the ___
Get this right to solve the puzzle correctly
Baby plants
Fry or fingerling
I struck gold! I'm_____!
Bird house
I ___ what I am!
Thanksgiving birds
Pack animals in the Andes
An extinct, wooly creature
Letter after R, spelled out
Jack Hanna at the zoo has this
A furry weasel-like creature
When he catches the fish and reals it in, he's usually a ______
They carry their house on their back
A long-legged bird that loves to fish
A natural area that is saved from human development
Not offs
You don't want to be sprayed by this animal
A fictional baby deer that's now a common term
A large primate
Not the start, the ___
Usually, the larger of a mating pair
Short term meaning regarding
An old horse