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Largest waterfall in the world, in height
Smallest island country
One country that the Aral Sea is in
River valley going around the border of India and Afghanistan
Largest dynasty of Ancient China
Largest continent landmass
The Mediterranean Sea is shaped kind of like a _____
World's largest desert
North pole
Invisible line that splits the earth into hemispheres
World's largest coral reef
Our planet
Country in the center of Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina
A country between Guyana and French Guyana
The North Pole is all
Country that the tallest waterfall in the world is in is (leave out the second e!)
Country east of Vietnam
The center of the earth is made of
Third largest ocean
Called "Roof of the World"
World's largest hot desert
Island off the coast of India
Second largest ocean
Actively volcanic island in East Asia
What the Earth is made of. Shifts around and makes earthquakes.
World's largest mountain range
Violent plate movement inside the earth
Volcanic islands off the west coast of South America
Tallest mountain
Antarctica has some ____, not just ice