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Grade 5 Vocabulary - Chapters 6-8

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride
Tier-2 Words - Grade 5
having a pleasant smell; aromatic.
to turn in an opposite position or direction.
to give a slight or gentle push.
a group of related things or parts that function together as a whole.
the planned end of a journey, or the place to which goods or baggage are sent.
to cause to move in a circular motion.
regal, imposing, or stately; of great dignity or grandness.
to make a spoken or written observation.
any pervasive mood or tone that is found within a place or among a group.
of considerable size or quantity; fairly large.
to take up; fill (time or space).
(informal) extremely attractive or excellent.
a specific area characterized by its use for a particular purpose.
any passageway, as between sections of seats in a theater or sections of shelves in a store.
of the countryside or country life.