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Psychology Terms

By: Carmen Sampayo
A form of critical thinking based on careful measurement and controlled observation.
An entire group of animals or people belonging to a particular category.
In psychology, a public polling technique used to answer psychological questions.
The focus on the importance of social and cultural contexts in influencing the behavior of individuals.
A formal trial undertaken to confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis about cause and effect.
Any physical energy sensed by an organism.
In a controlled experiment, the group of subjects exposed to all experimental conditions or variables except the independent variable.
An empirical investigation structured to answer questions about the world in a systematic and intersubjective fashion.
A system of ideas designed to interrelate concepts and facts in a way that summarizes existing data and predicts future observations.
The school of psychology that emphasizes the study of overt, observable behavior.
Changes in an organism’s behavior brought about by an awareness of being observed.
A mental health professional who specializes in helping people with problems not involving serious mental disorder; for example, marriage counselors, career counselors, or school counselors.
Any condition that changes or can be made to change; a measure, event, or state that may vary.
A statement of the predicted outcome of an experiment or an educated guess about the relationship between variables.
The idea that human beings are capable of freely making choices or decisions.