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Indo Ocean Project - Sharks
Pelagic Sharks "Just" Like Dory (4,8)
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
Heavy Metal Found In Shark Meat
Thought To Be The Shark That Lives The Oldest
A Bunch Of Sharks
Fastest Shark in The Ocean
Upside Down Sharks Are Less Stressed (5, 10)
The Most Threatened Species - IUCN (10,10)
A Rare Species We Find on Nusa Penida
Constantly Lost and Replaced in Many Shark Species
Iconic Shark Movie (1975)
Baby Sharks
Not The Target Species
The Second Largest Shark
Threatens Shark Species Worldwide
Shark Skin is Made of These (6,9)
____ of Lorenzini - Electrical Senses
These Appendices Make International Trade Much More Difficult
Valuable Vulnerability
Sharks & Rays
Can Protect Sharks with Small Home Ranges
When Done Correctly Can Help Sharks & Provide Responsible Shark Experiences For People
The Smallest Shark (5, 7)
Between 5 and 7 (4,5)
Buoyancy Control Organ
It's Not a Tail, It's a _____ Fin
An Alternative Name For Shark Meat in Australia