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DIA Weekly Crossword 3

This week's crossword is paired with the following artwork from the DIA's collection:
There are 37 of these behind the king, queen, and their attendants.
At top right, figures are playing these to entertain the king.
The door is carved in ____ relief, a term that describes the extent to which the design stands out from the surface. The opposite of low.
A length of this pulls along a member of the family Equidae.
The disembodied face of the Yoruba god Eshu (in the center) appears in how many distinct colors?
The king wears the tallest headdress. It's topped by the head of this winged creature.
The scenes on the right capture life at the king's ______, the place to which this door served as gateway.
One name for the only four legged animal in this scene, aka ass.
At bottom right, the two middle figures do this physical activity, a demonstration of strength and skill.
Next to the king, the queen ______ her child.
This many people have partially shaved heads, identifying them as royal messengers.
The organic material this door is carved from.