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KYR-Civil Law terms & meanings

A court order directing a person to do, or not to do, something.
Legally binding.
Doing something that stops another person from the quiet enjoyment of land they own or occupy.
A person who appears in court to give evidence in a court case
The standard of proof in a civil case
Something of value, exchanged as part of a contract.
To damage another person’s reputation by publishing or communicating false statements about them
Ending a contract so that the parties to the contract are in same position as they were before the contract.
A person who begins a civil lawsuit against another person.
A civil wrong that causes harm, intentionally or otherwise.
Money to be paid to someone to compensate them for a loss.
The area of law that settles disputes individuals.
The legal effect of a contract.
Going onto someone’s land without permission.
The power of a court or tribunal to hear matters brought before it.
An act that breaches a duty of care, and causes harm.
An element of negllgence, to take reasonable care to avoid harming someone or something.
An essential element of a contract.
The time to change your mind after you enter a contract.
An essential element of a contract.
A person’s promise to tell the truth in court.