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Grade 7 Vocabulary - Chapters 16-18

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride
Tier-2 Words - Grade 7
to agree with, adhere to, or aid (a cause, idea, person, or group).
a decorative bunch of flowers.
to put forth, or distributed authoritatively, or publicly.
to consume all of; use up.
the act of identifying someone or something previously seen or known.
easily recognized; commonly known.
a small enclosed division of a barn or stable designed for lodging a single animal.
to look at or examine carefully; scrutinize.
beloved or cherished.
a subdivision of a larger organization or system.
to have volunteered or signed up to serve, as in the military or in some cause.
to move sharply or quickly; flutter.
to have put out; delivered for use, sold, etc.; having put into circulation.
to lean on one side or in one direction; be or become inclined or slanted.
an argument, complaint, or dispute, esp. over something unimportant.