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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Indo Ocean Project - Science of Diving - Equipment
Tanks Require This Every Year (6,10)
Test Date Stamped On The Tank
Alternative Gas That Can Be Added to a Drysuit
SMB and Whistles Are Example of These (10,7)
Of Lesser Importance When Choosing Gear But Is Often Put First (7,4)
Should Be Written On All Nitrox Tanks Once Analysed By You, MOD For Short (7,9,5)
Different Thicknesses of These Will Keep You Toasty
The "S" in SPG
___ & ___, Required for Circular Search Patterns (4,4)
First Stage That Screws In
People Who Show Up With Brand New Equipment Unassembled To Dive Are Often Called This (3,3,4,2,4)
Can Be Used To Free Marine Life From Entanglement
Helps Prevent First Stages Freezing (13,4)
Your Equipment Provide This Underwater (4,7)
Above 21% Oxygen
Proper ______ of Weights Helps With The Perfect Trim
When A Regulator Fails It Gives You All The Air (4,4)