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Grade 8 Vocabulary - Chapters 3-5

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride
Tier-2 Words - Grade 8
to vary or stray.
to dry up, shrivel, or wilt, as from decay or lack of moisture.
to be in store for; to lay ahead for.
to show appreciation or thanks for.
a racial, political, or social group comprising numerous families, villages, or the like and having a common language, culture, and, often, ancestry.
an outing or journey taken for a specific purpose, or the organized group, with its equipment and conveyances, undertaking such a trip.
become aware of, or clearly perceive or understand.
having become rotten or decomposed.
a rectangular solid with six square faces all of the same size.
a gesture, action, or device used to give information, directions, or warning.
to be actively involved in a political competition for elective public office.
strong moral and ethical qualities; integrity.
having withdrawn from a place or situation.
to actively oppose or strive against.
to move with a sharp or jerky motion.