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Grade 8 Vocabulary - Chapters 22-25

eddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride
Tier-2 Words - Grade 8
difficult to perform or understand.
to try to master or solve
to have liberated from confinement or other form of constraint, such as obligation; freed.
to focus intense mental energy or attention.
troubled or disturbed.
imposing hardship or strain; demanding.
to take hold of mentally; understand fully or deeply.
the act of making a choice.
to fill beyond capacity.
to declare (something) false; refuse to agree with or admit; dispute; contradict.
the withdrawal of a combat force from contact with the enemy.
total or complete in degree or extent; absolute; unqualified.
Physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exerion, strain, etc., fatigued; tired.
worry, anxiety, or caring attitude.
(pl.) the total body of common people