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Science of Mind, Foundations

Thank you Esmine, Tony, Deborah, Nicole, Julie, Kathy & C.J. 
U.S. president the year Ernest was born.
Prayer is also this.
Is like stepping into the Infinite Flow.
Makes life a lot easier.
A positive statement asserting that the goal of the thinker wishes to achieve is already happening.
No. of Global Vision Statements for Centers for Spiritual Living.
It is a state of mind.
Faith tests our.....
The Thing Itself.
Who is the one with Creative Genius?
The art and practices of oneness.
Number of steps in a Treatment.
It's about dedicating your life, resources & talents to life.
Science of Mind prayers are......
Faith comes by.....
Ernest loved dearly.
Basically an attitude with which you touch.
These and feelings are fueling your creations.
Phineas Parkhurst