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The Constitution Handbook

Favoring a republic or representative democracy
Popular _____, government is subject to the Will of the people
Article _____establishes the Legislative Branch
Not consistent or in agreement with the Constitution
Article _____ called for the creation of the Supreme Court
Powers belonging only to the Federal government
Powers retained by the states
The_____ Article in the Constitution specifies whether or not the President can declare war
A group of advisers to the President
Supporters of the U..S. Constitution
Feared the Constitution would create a central government that was too strong & powerful
To give official approval to
The President cannot declare war
A formal plan of government
Powers not specifically mentioned in the Constitution
Article ____ establishes the Executive Branch
To reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law
True or False: If the Presidents vetoes a Bill, 2/3 of the Supreme Court can override his vet.
To overturn or defeat
Madison, Hamilton, & Jay wrote a series of essays defending the Constitution called the ______ Papers defending
Official count of the population
Antifederalists thought The Constitution would ______ the will of the states & the people